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Ambition to outperform.

TAVOM is specialized in the production of technical furniture for professional environments. The TAVOM brand is characterized by its expertise in product design, development and production, as well as its ability to carry out any kind of customization required. TAVOM offers furniture solutions for medical and dental practices, veterinary surgeries, dental labs and beauty salons.


We are innovative


Attention to the customer, maximum timeliness, ability to assume the maximum modular modularity has made Tavon synonymous with quality in over 40 years of activity.


The design phase is crucial in setting up professional environments such as medical offices, dental offices, veterinary clinics and medical aesthetics and aesthetics centers.

Interior Design

The years of experience gained in setting up medical and dental offices allow us at Tavom to offer a very wide range of solutions and customizations to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

How We Work

Turning ideas into artwork

Our approach to furnish professional premises is modern and is focused both on quality of materials and on the effectiveness of the design and creation of spaces meeting the demands of our clients.

Usability, design and durability come together in high-end products made to endure over time and to meet sophisticated customer expectations.

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years ofExperience

Our Clients

TAVOM installations

TAVOM's technical and specialized furnishings are now worldwide, e.g. at the faculty of Odontology of the University of Montpellier in France, at the Dental Clinic in Stockholm and at the Dental Clinic of Dr. Kathrin Trelles in Dubai.

Our packaging, designed even for challenging shipments, allows to reach every destination guaranteeing the integrity of the product. The ease of assembly and installation along with the constant TAVOM support allows to assist customers’ installations at any time at any place.


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